Eligibility to become a registered member

A. Graduates who use their degree for professional purposes in the public or private sector from the following universities are obliged to register as members of the Chamber (Law 2515/1997): all the graduates of Economic departments from Greek Highest Educational Institutions (Universities) and in particular graduates of,

  • the Athens University of Economics and Business (former ASOEE),
  • the University of Pireaus,
  • the Economics & Social Science Department of the University of Macedonia
  • the Economics departments of the University of Athens, the University of Thessaloniki, the University of Patra, the University of the Aegean, the University of Crete,
  • the Department of Public Administration of Panteio University,
  • all the equivalent school or departments of Economics abroad
  • all the schools or departments of Economics that will be founded or will be converted to schools of economics.

According to the decisions of the Central Administration registered members are:

  • Graduates and holders of graduate degrees from departments of Economics of the Hellenic Open University,
  • Graduates of the department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteio University and the University of Central Greece,
  • Graduates from the University of International Economic Relations & Development of the University of Thrace,
  • Graduates of the Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises of the University of Ioannina (former Department of Organization & Management of Agricultural Exploitations)
  • Graduates of Schools of Economics of the University of Cyprus,
  • Graduates who have chosen a major in the economics program of the department of Sport Management at the University of the Peloponnese,
  • Graduates from the Department of Statistics, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics of the University of the Aegean,
  • Graduates from the department of Technology Management of the University of Macedonia,
  • Graduates from the department of Engineering Economics and Administration of the University of the Aegean with a major in financial engineering,
  • Graduates from the department of International & European Studies of Panteio University, under the condition that at least 50% of the core courses are of economic major,
  • Graduates from the department of Department of Marketing and Operations Management of the University of Macedonia,
  • Graduates from the department of Industrial Management and Technology of the University of Piraeus,
  • Graduates from the department of Home Economics and Ecology of Harokopio University if they have majored in Economics.

B. PhD graduates or holders of other graduate degrees, even if they do not hold a degree in Economics from a highest educational institution (University), as long as they can prove that they use their graduate degree in economics in order to exercise their profession as part of their occupation.

C. PhD graduates that their doctoral dissertation and latter teaching courses in higher and highest educational institutions (Universities) involve in their subject the economic science without the condition of having an undergraduate or graduate degree.

D. According to articles 10 & 11 of Law No 3912/2011, graduates of the departments of Accounting, Commerce & Advertizing, Business Administration, Tourist Enterprises, Applied Finance, Finance & Auditing and Finance & Insurance of the Faculty of Management & Economics of Technical Educational Institutions (Τ.Ε.Ι.) that hold a graduate degree majoring in Economics from a Greek University or have an equivalent graduate degree from another country and use their degree to cover a position in the public or private sector or work as entrepreneurs are entitled to register as members of the Chamber.

Required Documentation

  1. Application Form

The application form is a printed document that is provided by the Chamber. The applicant must declare his/her ID information, professional information, information on studies, etc.

  1. Title of Study

A copy of the title of study, which involves the candidate’s basic undergraduate degree in Economics, should be submitted with the application form. If this degree was not issued by a Greek University should be submitted with a document of equivalency, which is issued by D.O.A.T.A.P. (former DI.K.A.T.S.A, http://www.doatap.gr/en/). In the case that the candidate declares other graduate titles aside from the basic undergraduate degree, he/she should also submit a copy. Other titles of study (second degree, other graduate studies, seminars, etc.) should be submitted in copies if they are declared on the application form.

    3. Recent photo (you will find the specifications in the beginning of this page) in digital form, CD or e-mail in the following address: oeephoto@oe-e.gr

  1. Certificate of General Criminal Record that is claimed by our institution.
  2. Registration right (The Chamber’s candidate members will need to pay the amount of €1.50 once as a registration right) and the subscription for the current year.


The members of the Chamber are obliged to pay an annual subscription fee.

The subscriptions are paid at all the departments of the Chamber (Central Services: 12-14 Mitropoleos Street, Athens, 2nd Floor and at the regional offices).

In addition, annual subscription can be paid in the following ways:

  • Collection bill for Legal Person of Public Law at the National Bank of Greece. The bank account number for the deposit is: 546004-26/040 (IBAN: GR2801100400000004054600426). The name of the candidate and the registration number of the member should be written on the collection bill.
  • Postal check addressing the Chamber (12-14 Mitropoleos street, 10563, Athens). The name of the candidate and the registration number of the member should be written on the postal check. The receipt is mailed to the candidate right upon reception of the postal check.
  • Withholding from the member’s monthly salary. This case refers to public sector employees, public sector entities from public sector organizations, banks etc., as long as their institution of employment is mentioned in the Chamber’s catalogue. In order for the subscription fee to be withheld automatically, the member needs to, during or after applying, sign the relevant declaration form. The amount is withheld on a semi-annual basis. The amount is withheld from the member’s monthly salary starting on January 1st of the year after the withholding application was made and until September 30th. In any other case, the amount is withheld on January 1st of two years following. In any case, the members that apply for a subscription withholding should have fulfilled all their payments obligations.

The annual subscription paid by the Chamber’s members is formed as follows:

  • Annual subscription for the first 5 years* after graduation: €7,50 (or €3,75/6 months).
  • Annual subscription after the first 5 years since graduation: €15,00 (ή €7,50/ 6 months).
    * The graduation year is also calculated for the amount.

When registering, members will need to pay a fee of €1.50 as registration fee.

For payment methods, please click on the file attached on the beginning of this page.