Class B Beneficiaries

The Class B Accountant-Tax Consultant Professional ID is provided by the Economic Chamber of Greece to General Lyceum graduates that have been working for seven (7) consecutive years since their graduation as assistant accountants or to graduates of a Professional Lyceum or a Unified Multidisciplinary Lyceum with a major in Economics, that have been exercising the assistant accountant profession for six (6) years since their graduation or graduates from an Institute of Vocational Training in Accounting (Ι.Ε.Κ.) that have been exercising the assistant accountant profession for five (5) years or graduates from long term training programs of the Hellenic Productivity Center (EL.KE.PA.), that have been exercising the assistant accountant profession for five (5) years.

The B’ Class Accountant-Tax Consultant Professional ID is issued by the Economic Chamber of Greece to its members, to University Graduates with a major in Economics, to graduates of the Economics department of the School of Management & Economics of Technological Universities (T.E.I.) and to individuals that fulfill the requirements for professional skills according to the Presidential Decree 38/2010 (Α` 78).

Technical University graduates, except from Accounting, financial applications, Finance & Auditing and Finance & Insurance, due to the particularity of the curriculum, should submit an analytic list of courses, from which they can indicate the economic direction of their studies. Graduates of Technical Universities with interest in applying are also obliged to acknowledge the title of their thesis and submit a written confirmation of their thesis topic during their stage.

Required documentation for Class B Accountant-Tax Consultant Registration

  1. Accounting Profession Initiation Announcement

It is a printed document that is provided by the Chamber. The applicant must fill out his/her ID information, professional & study information.  You will find the accounting profession initiation announcement in Greek here.

  1. Title of Studies

The title of studies refers to the applicant’s basic degree in economics, a copy of which should be submitted with the application form. If this degree has not been issued by a Greek University, a separate document declaring equivalency of the degree with that of a Greek University, which is issued by DOATAP should also be provided (former DI.K.A.T.S.A.).

Other titles of study (second degree, other graduate studies, seminar training etc.) should be submitted in form of copy, as long as they are declared in the application form.

  1. Non- Degree Holders

Non-degree holders are required to submit a copy of their personal insurance account, which will indicate the stamps and the specialization code during the required years of work experience.

4. Current Photo

The name of the file should be the taxation number (to find the requirements please click here) in digital form, CD or e-mail in the following email address:

     5. Cost

The Accountant/ Tax Consultant registration cost is €35.