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The structure of the central services, as defined by the Presidential Decree No 546-17/11/1998 (1st issue, page number 257), is the following:

Administrative Services Department
Manager: Aphrodite Papadea


The administrative services department covers all the following offices:


Handles issues related to the Chamber’s staffing services and the status of all categories of the personnel on a central and regional level, secretarial support of all the Chamber’s administrative organs. Keeps record of all incoming and outgoing documentation.

Tel.: +30 213 2141890


Finance Office

It is responsible for the formation and amendment of the Chamber’s annual budget, as well as for the approval, execution and management of every expense and payroll clearance.

Manager: Dimitra Mitta

Tel.: +30·213 2141840


Member Organization Office (Register)

Keeps the general and specific registers updated based on the profession’s specializations. Gathers statistical data on the origin, the title and the occupation of the members of the Chamber. This includes:

The registrar’s office, which provides its members with documentation on registrations, professional and specialization matters, maintains the Chamber’s register based on the members’ occupation. Handles class upgrades for accountants-tax consultants. Oversees the conformation with laws and decisions related to the Chamber and issues related to professional ethics with regards to the members. It also handles procedures on the disciplinary cases of members.

The Regional Organization Office maintains the registry for regional departments and for the members of the local administrations of the regional departments. It holds the responsibility for the election procedure, which determines the members of the Assembly of Delegates and the members of the local administrations of the Regional Departments.

Manager: Nikos Sofianos

Tel.-Fax: +30 213 2141820


IT Department

The IT department is responsible for the computerization of the Central Services, for the gathering of economic and statistical data and for the computerization of the Chamber’s member register and their classification in sectors and specializations.

Contact Person: Giorgos Kavaliotis

Τηλ: 213 2141850


Research Department

Proposes and undertakes the translation of books and articles. Makes a selection of writings to be published on the Chamber’s publications or any other use.

Manager: Vasiliki Bousouni

Tel: +30 213 2141870



Department of Field Problems

Manager: Spiros Tsotsis
Tel: +30 213 2141842


Undertakes studies for the organization and legal establishment of various professions and sectors and, in general, handles issues in different sectors. Keeps track of professional problems and deals with employment issues.

Event Communication Department

It is responsible for any type of events and activities, as well as the Chamber’s publications and communication. This department includes the following offices:

  • Training: it is responsible for the Chamber’s scientific activities (conferences, seminars, lectures, and course cycles). Proposes to the Central Administration the participation of the Chamber’s representatives to international conferences and other events.
  • Publications – Communications: it is responsible for the regular, periodical and self-contained publications of the Chamber. It is in charge of the communication and exchange of information with the Chamber’s members, government organizations, businesses and foreign diplomatic missions, according to the directions of the Central Administration.

Press Office

Tel: +30 213 2141867, +30 213 2141868



It is in charge of the digital and physical planning and operation of the library and the validation center, but is also responsible for the coverage of informational, research and study needs by providing timely information for issues related to the Chamber’s goal and mainly for the Chamber’s members.

Vasiliki Bousouni

Tel: +30 213 2141870